Who is keke dating

Anne was on the red carpet promoting her new movie "The Intern," when she noticed Mariah was standing less than two feet away from her, and completely lost it.

Anne Hathaway is a huge star in her own right, but that didn't stop her from completely freaking out at the possibility of meeting singer Mariah Carey.

[MUSIC] The symbol, before a new edition came out, I do comedy. The Tweet that I wrote was, If it ain't white it ain't right. So I feel like somebody took that Tweet, added more Tweets, photoshopped it, undefeated, you will not beat Photoshop. If I was going to switch up, I would have did it three years ago when I started social media, you feel me?

tonight i sang at the top of my lungs to all the Taylor songs that have been the soundtrack to my life- that have understood how I felt more than anybody else did. Of course, she didn't miss the opp to take an EPIC selfie with him after the lecture.

But I don't see anything wrong with people who date all races.

Precious TT says, love is love, it doesn't matter what color you are, it's no one's business.

Series creator Leila Gerstein sent out a series of tweets telling fans that the final episodes had started to air and that the “finale will be tremendously satisfying to all” as they prepared for this to happen.

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