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WARNING: Dell notebook computers must have the battery installed and also be running on A/C power prior to updating the BIOS.Some Dell notebook computers need to have at least 10% battery charge before you begin the BIOS update.When referring to a person BIO, BIO's is short for biography and is a term used to describe a brief description of a person.A short biography or description of people who have affected the computer industry can be found on our computer people section.Note: If you are not experiencing problems on your computer and are not aware of any additional features in the BIOS that are needed, then you may not need to perform the update.You can click on View Details in the Drivers page to review the release notes for the specific update to determine if the update will benefit you.

After hours of googling it seems one likely cause is an out-of-date BIOS - most recent version from Intel is 48 but I have 46.

I just tried updating using an 8GB SD card with the latest bios on it following instructions from this site https:// I recieved the error message: "BIOS has detected unsuccessful post attempt(s).

Possible causes include recent changes to BIOS performance Options or a recent hardware change.

A computer's Basic Input-Output System (BIOS) is embedded software on a motherboard.

It is the first software your PC loads so that it can use things like CD drives, mice, and keyboards practically from the moment you turn it on.

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