The process of carbon dating

Chemically pure carbon can be prepared by termic decomposition of sugar (sucrose) in absence of air.

The physical and chemical properties of carbon depend on the crystalline structure of the element.

He considered that the flattened head was caused by repeated powerful blows (his examination was done pre Darwinism 1859).

When more finds came to light with what also appeared to be rickets, it was considered far too much of a coincidence and for lack of any other explanation they became relegated to a sub-human category.

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Other forms with little crystallinity are vegetal carbon and black fume.The argument is presented that the scientific facts verify that the Neanderthal were in fact one and the same as the ancient warrior race Neanderthal man has become an enigma to science once being hailed as the proof of the evolution of apes to modern man.He was considered to be the brutish ancestor link to man in the evolution chain, the intermediate stage between man and ape.near Dusseldorf, Germany uncovered a skull and bones.The skull was unlike anything seen before, having a flattened cranium with a heavy brow ridge above large eye sockets.

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