Sandara and top dating

In the said photo, Sandara Park and G-Dragon are seen walking so close to each other and since the quality of the paparazzi photo was not so clear, it had the fans speculating that G-Dragon even looked like he was kissing Sandara's face.

According to Korea Portal, Dara has already addressed the issue surrounding the controversial photograph, saying that she and G-Dragon were only pranking the photographers.

tho i always thought it was ilwoo, i never considered it to be siwan.

that would be a cute coupleif any of them was dating some other celeb with a reasonable fanbase/ name recognition I bet you there would be pressed ppl and talks about who's on whose level.

MC Ha Ha said to Sandara Park, “There were rumors about you dating GD recently.

When G-Dragon was told this, he said “Sandara Park was carrying this big board so it looked like there were two people and she had a hard time,” he continued, “Thank you for thinking well of me,” he finished.

TOP then revealed, “I didn’t go ski with them at that time,” he said, “If I did, I may have been chosen instead, I should have followed.

Congratulations.” and congratulated her out of nowhere.

Sandara Park, replying to this, said “I went to the after party of BIGBANG’s concert, and because many fans gathered, we went out that way as a “concept”.

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