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This is a great question in learning the ability to pick up women.

Many have their opinions and that’s what I feel this is.. Because somebody could argue the other way and technically he is correct. like fuck the bad boy or didn’t want to fuck that guy but fuck you.

Thousands of his clients have fallen in love, gotten married, started families, and found happiness – after only a few months of coaching.

It’s an unlikely career for a man – much less a man who was called a “serial dater” by CNN- yet that’s what makes Katz such a unique coach.

By helping women understand men – what they think, how they act, and what they really want – he empowers them to make healthy, informed choices in love.

Katz likens his Love U coaching program to a Masters Degree in Men, and the metaphor is apt.

Without wasting any time, Rob immediately asks everyone in the group who they think is the freakiest in bed!

Katz started his career in customer care at JDate, during which he wrote his first book, “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating” (Ten Speed Press, 2004).alum Karina Smirnoff quickly answers first and chooses Calum Best.However, everyone else singles out Tiffany "New York" Pollard."I feel like Tiffany would teach a freak how to freak," Ronnie Magro-Ortiz chimes in.Fitness model David Mc Intosh agrees with the "If you're going to be in bed, you need to know what to do when you're in that bed and I'm definitely a freak," she confesses, adding, "Everybody collectively got that right and I felt honored." LOL!Later, Rob switches it up to the classic game of "Date, Marry, Dump" and puts Malika Haqq in the hot seat.

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