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The results relating to the personal characteristics of lone-actor terrorists are presented in a different Research Note in this issue of Perspectives on Terrorism.[2] his Research Note presents the outcome of an investigation into the processes of lone-actor terrorism which was part of the Countering Lone-Actor Terrorism (CLAT) project.The project aimed to improve understanding of, and responses to, the phenomenon of lone-actor terrorism based on an analysis of cases from across Europe.Please let us know if you have suggestions to improve the Tool Shed, such as tools to be added or additional information on the listed measures. Michael Paasche-Orlow, MD, MA, MPH, the lead academic partner for this project, will incorporate your suggestions in future site updates. The Tool Shed includes the most common type of validation information available in research published to date.However, before selecting a tool, we suggest you contact the author(s) of the tool (identified in the Tool Shed), or read the full paper and contact the corresponding author.First, not all plots are in the public domain, especially where they have been abandoned or disrupted by the authorities at an early stage.Second, there are variations across Europe in the way incidents are perceived and reported; for example, some incidents may be reported as a ‘hate crime’, but meet the criteria for inclusion in the CLAT database. A is liable for culpable homicide and C is guilty of murder d. Principle: A master shall be liable for the fraudulent acts committed by his servants in the course of employment. Y was an old woman and she sought help of her cousin Mr. X and regularly handed over money to be deposited in her account. The rest of the passengers, however, got through unscathed.

While there are more than 100 tools available on this site, dozens more have yet to be added. However, it rained that day and the cloth got washed away. In their previous dealings of about 12 years, he had always ordered the Basmati variety of rice. For the past week, there had been average to high rainfall in the Punchkula region. A was engaged in a dyeing company and had left some dyed cloth on his terrace for drying since it had not rained in the past two days. A will not be liable since the intensity of rainfall could not be predicted b. A will be liable since he did not take adequate precautions c. A will not be liable since he had committed the act in good faith d. Principle: For a contract an offer has to be made that is accepted and there is consensus ad idem. X goes to a shop and asks the shopkeeper to deliver rice to his residence. Although cryptococcal meningitis is uncommon in children and rare in neonates, it does occur.We highlight circumstances in which the diagnosis should be considered and methods required to confirm the diagnosis in young patients.

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