Carbon dating pottery

Did they live in the archaeological period known as Iron Age I, which is archaeologically poorly documented, or in Iron Age IIa, for which more evidence is available.

Faced with a date for Qeiyafa that confirms the traditional high Bible chronology, the low chronology “minimalists” now desperately argue that Qeiyafa was a Philistine fort tied to the kingdom of Gath, not a border fortress of the early Judahite state. There’s been a lot of debate around the issue of Bible chronology, which more specifically relates to the era of the reigns of David and Solomon.

The freshwater reservoir effect has also implications for radiocarbon dating of Mesolithic pottery from inland sites of the Ertebølle culture in Northern Germany.

The surprisingly old ages of the earliest pottery most probably are caused by a freshwater reservoir effect.

Here, freshwater influence causes reservoir ages to vary between 250 and 700 C years during the period 5400 BC - AD 700.The aim of this study is to examine the order of magnitude and degree of variability of the freshwater reservoir effect over short and long timescales.Radiocarbon dating of recent water samples, aquatic plants, and animals, shows that age differences of up to 2000 C years can occur within one river.” Lily Singer-Avitz attempts to answer these questions. And statistical models also vary from researcher to researcher.Ultimately, radiocarbon dating accuracy for calculating Iron Age dates, and consequentially Bible chronology has varied from researcher to researcher.

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