Bret and fretzie dating

She grew up in the Philippines and later moved to Paris, France after receiving a full scholarship to attend IFA Paris.

Fretzie Bercede (born November 26, 1993) is a Filipino actress, television personality, singer, and former reality show contestant.He has since starred in the movies Talk Back and You're Dead, Para sa Hopeless Romantic, and This Time.He also starred in the TV series' Good Vibes, On the Wings of Love, and Till I Met You. His parents separated when he was only two years old, and Reid lived in Australia until he was 15.Whenever he needs to speak infront of people, he often gets a mental block and failed to speak a word.James made many friends, but is it enough for this friendly boy to adjust inside Big Brother's house, or is it like her studies that he needs special attention?

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