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(Well, except Alexis Bellino, who we all know has no taste.) Vicki Gunvalson's resemblance to Miss Piggy was a focal point of his routine, as was an incredibly unflattering bikini picture of Tamra Barney that ran in gossip mags.

Since Gretchen is trying to repair her relationships with the ladies of the show, Slade's insults will come back to haunt her, making for drama that will surely drag out the rest of the season.

She took issue with Slade living with her while he has no job, and him being a dead-beat dad. While Vicki claims Brooks is all caught up on his back child support now, he actually went to jail over non-payment.

Well, considering who Vicki is married to, Gretchen was just stunned to hear this attack. But Vicki was determined to have her say, and she had plenty until Gretchen had finally had enough of the hypocrisy. ” she shouted, finally standing to address the shouting Vicki on an even level.

She says, "The dogs are really more entertaining at this point than you are." (-4) -- He tells mom that he wants to take his comedy show on tour.

In addition to that, Smiley's investments went belly-up after the market crash, so his return to star Tamra Judge allege that Rossi dreamed up the storyline to stay on the show, because shooting footage of the her accepting shipments of Gretchen Christine handbags wasn't doing the trick. In the clip, Rossi was adamant that her proposal to Smiley was authentic.

"I remember having a conversation with Gretchen and I said to her, ‘You're not doing anything. You have no kids, you're not married,' and lo and behold she came up with this big plan to propose to Slade," Judge said. She even choked up at the thought that people assumed it was fake.

Gretchen may not realize Slade's mom is doing her a total favor here ( 3) -- Gretchen comes home later and discovers the mean, gossipy items about the other Housewives that Slade plans to use in his comedy routine. (-5) -- On the marquee at the Improv, Gretchen is actually the headliner. Must be a slow night at the comedy club ( 2) -- Gretchen is the first one out, and her jokes fail miserably -- until she resorts to stripping down to a sparkly bikini. Man, I hope she never has a daughter (-3) -- Immediately after, a real comedian comes out on stage and says, "what the f*** was THAT?

Since she's trying to make up with everyone, she doesn't want him to do it. " Backstage, another comic comes up to Gretchen and says, "Remember, you have to your jokes." Gretchen replies, "So it wasn't funny? " Everything comes in threes -- even criticism (-6) -- Gretchen introduces Slade to the audience as her 'boy toy.' He emerges wearing a "Housewife Hunter" t-shirt.

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